Lalith de Alwis

I am greatly inspired by the level of knowledge, organisation and commitment of the Sri Lankan people protesting against the destitution and shame that Gotabhaya and Mahinda Rajapaksha and their extended family and enablers have heaped upon our motherland. I do not doubt that they too understand the level of damage that they have done to our country but have decided that they had no option but to do it in the interest of their own betterment. They also cling in sheer desperation to the foolish belief that they can somehow steer the country out of it if they continue to cling on to power in spite of the clear result of their mismanagement, which is obvious for everyone, including themselves, to see. And so, it is obvious to everyone that the Rajapakhsa dynasty will not go until they are pushed out. It is also very clear that if they are not pushed out, and pushed out quickly, Sri Lanka and its residents will go through a horrible period of starvation, deprivation and hopelessness that we have so far only read of taking place in distant parts of the world.
While the efforts, so far, of the protestors at Gotagogama are immensely laudable, it is very clear that the Rajapakshas are not going anywhere anytime soon and need a great deal more encouragement to overcome their