Keep up your peaceful protests

Kamal W

Protests are most beautiful and effective, when they are peaceful and creative, just as yours at GoGotaGama aka Galle Face Green. Well done so far folks.
While our hearts and minds are with you, there is little people like me, who work and live overseas, can do apart from sending our warmest wishes and cheering from afar.
I do not know any of the individuals, who are the driving force and the brain trust of these on-going protests at GoGotaGama, but they seem to be a bunch of smart guys and girls, who have kept career politicians away and experimenting with novel (in Sri Lanka) but still peaceful ways to get their message across.
I am sure they have plenty of good ideas and perhaps good advisers as well, but I thought I would chuck in a few ideas/suggestions (my two bobs worth) as outlined below if they are happy to consider.
1. Add to the images and messages you are projecting on to the walls of the Old Parliament House building a diagram of the Rajapakse family tree with the dozens of clan members holding powerful positions in the Government, with their positions and if possible their estimated worth in billions (the loot) for the world media to see.
2. Have a peaceful rally each day at GoGotaGama by one profession/trade per day (for example clergy. teachers, farmers, medical profession, lawyers, artists, three-wheel drivers, engineers and so on, one group per day with people of that group coming from all corners of the country).
3. Have a line-up of speakers (including famous and popular people but not any career politicians) to speak to the crowd every day. You may invite famous Sri Lankans and other internationals also to speak via online projected on to a big screen.
4. Have singers and other artists sing/perform to the crowd every day, also showing their support to the cause.
5. Create a secure fund with careful management by credible people for local and international donations including anonymous contributions to meet on-going costs for a sustained ‘struggle’ over weeks if not months until the thieves are chased out of the government/country.
All the best.