Rajapaksas bank account in dubai


Actual reasons for Rajapaksas support for Arjun Mahendra. Soon after the ‘Yahapaalana’ government took power on 08 January 2015, a bank manager in Dubai took screenshots of the balances of three bank accounts. The first belonged to MP Namal Rajapaksa. It mentioned the balance at 1.086 billion US dollars. The second was a joint account by Kudabalage Piyadasa and a close confidant of Rajapaksa family. Its balance was 1.80 billion US dollars. The third was that of ex-MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena. It had 500 million US dollars. These amounts of money were unimaginable, but the Rajapaksa family had been able to amass that money in Dubai during its nine year rule. Arjun Mahendran close friend of Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksas. Arjun Mahendran managed Mahinda’s wealth. By January 11 of that year, these screenshots were handed over to new president Maithripala Sirisena through a leading government minister. Then, president Sirisena has showed it to the then Central Bank governor Arjun Mahendran. That is because it was him who had been the chief investigation officer of the personal wealth management division of Emirates NBD Bank of Dubai. it was Arjun Mahendran who had managed the ‘personal wealth’ amassed by the Rajapaksas by swindling public money. Dubai accounts is under the names of Namal Rajapaksa. Kudabalage Piyadasa. Sajin Vaaas Gunawardena. The Federal Bureau, the FBI investigation. There are only two international investigative bodies that investigate illegal money transfers. One is in India and the other is in the US. 2015 government of Sri Lanka help the Rajapaksas. The cabinet decided to handover to the FBI the task of investigating as to how the money of the Rajapaksas came to be in Dubai. the same cabinet members provide information to the Rajapaksas FBI officers went to the Dubai bank with the hope of meeting its manager to obtain information. However, he had already fled and was in hiding. the entire politics is a sea of deals. The deal strikers of the past were driven away, only to make way for yet another group of deal makers, however, due to cross-connections, the previous deals are still in operation. The screen shots of the dubai Bank account details will be published soon in srilanka media. This current government will not take action if everything been exposed.