The value for the currency

Arham Akbar


December 2021 I sent 25,000 Philippines pesos to Sri Lanka at the rate of 3.7, and recently I sent the same amount at the rate of 5.85. Although the amount sent is the same and the amount received was higher by family member back home the prices of goods have sky rocketed therefore the amount I have been sending to my family seems less now although the receiving amount is more.
Even for the people who are not so less fortunate they are finding it harder to get the goods that they used to purchase on a daily basis due to import shortages. As a OFW I can only hope that the people of my nation fight and give a much more positive out come.
I am staying update and supporting every one who is out there at #gotagogama at galle face green and peace fully protestors around the country through my face book and Instagram accounts. They are all fight for a reformed Sri Lanka.