The Reality at Gota Go Gama

Prishica Prins


They robbed our money
They robbed our past
They robbed our present
Let’s not let them rob our future!

Today (13/04/2022) I felt the immense love my people have for our country. Shouting slogans and phrases to put an end to corruption, day and night for number of days continuously, is absolutely incredible! One would simply think it’s nothing or is an easy task by watching it on TV..but no! It’s not easy at all! You need to physically go there to experience the effort, the love, the dedication they all have to keep it going amidst all the weather conditions and other challenges! I have great respect to each and everyone of them who tirelessly fight at this peaceful protest to bring about a better change for Sri Lanka ❤

Another beautiful thing I experienced and felt in my bones is the unity of the people! They were of different ethnicities, religions, places and classes. But they were all so helpful and respectful to others! Not a single person brushed against or laid a finger on me or those I went with. No cat-calling either! Whatever the people had, they shared with open arms, kind words and a beautiful smile. There was absolutely no racism, no vulgarity, or extremism! There was only compassion, togetherness and humanity ❤

Every negative post that gets published with regards to this peaceful protest of the people at Gota Go Gama is completely false! You too will understand it yourself if you happen to go there just once.

Don’t let those dirty filthy politicians tear us apart once again! Let’s fight this together and put them in jail! TOGETHER WE CAN! 💪🏻

As for me, I’m glad I’m part of this revolutionary change of our nation ❤🇱🇰

#weareSriLanka 🇱🇰