Sustaining the Unity



It’s great to see the unity among race and religions. But, we need to keep that for long to make a better Country. Based on my conversions with other brothers, we need to do following . Please consider in your plan and demands
1. Change the Constitution and keep religion way from Politics. No special status for any religions and religious leader. All people are equal. Religion is a path between us and our God. No need to keep any status to any religion.
2. Change the Flag. Flag s biased for a certain race and religion. Due to that , others are hesitated to own it as their flag. We need to remove the boo tree as it represents specific religion and symbols were given to other religion.
3. Keep equal strip for all three colors. All races are equal. It doesn’t matter we are majorities and others ae minorities.
4. Consider to replace/remove Lion. It was used in a kingdom where Sri Lanka was divided into 3. Not a fair representation.