Go home Gota

Nishadi Dissanayaka


#Go home Gota #
Saying just “Go” is not enough. They have our money with them. we should get them back from their pockets.
👆👆Should demand proper audit of all the politician before they go home. 👆👆
At least Next time robberies should not be selected to govern the country.

Then not only you and me, every one who follow correct procedure to get a job, had to sacrifice their time for education , then had to face several interviews , exams . Finally character , police certificates were also requested before getting job. And then why only one job in S.L doesn’t required any qualifications , interviews , exams , character certificate to get a job that is entitled for a salary and benefits which is paid by tax income earned from general public. So we need to demand that next time we need qualified ( both paper and experience ) people and need to prove the qualifications by interviews or exams before giving nominations for election.. . otherwise heads will be change but same drama will take place.. let’s unite 👊👊… AWAITING FOR NEW SRI LANKA 👍👍.