Elders stand your ground.

Thasleem Thajudeen

I am happy that the people in the country, the youth have taken a stance in no longer ignoring the cancer of silence and feel of powerless in the face of home grown low level politicians who have taken advantage of the humility and humbleness of the beautiful people of this Island Nation. Why did our elders not feel the urge to speak truth to power? Was it the conditions of the time? Was it the upbringing of having force fed a mentality of servitude to make believe leaders have solutions? Were they hoodwinked? Or were their true selves manifested in the form of the representatives they chose to elect? At last we are at the right side of the struggle. Our elders groomed us to act right – for fairness and truth for just and humility to bring all patriotic Sri Lankans to voice and fight the good fight they couldn’t those years ago. Lets keep this good movement going until cheap politics is out our mother land!