This not an ordinary Struggle!

Thakshila Bandara


Representing the youth of Sri Lanka, I am humbled and proud of our people. No conflicts. All nations have been united. There is only the pure thought of rescuing the country and the nation from corrupt politics. Except for a few idiots, the majority of the country has the same idea. Looking at all this, I think we have reached a turning point in ending the corrupt politics that have ravaged the country for 70 years. What is special here is that this is not an ordinary struggle. Some people help the injured by setting up a temporary hospital area. Some provide food for the protesters at their own expense. Some teach the skills they have mastered for years to the people in the struggle field for free of charge. This is a struggle that confirms the statement that “you messed with the wrong generation”. I don’t think such a peaceful struggle has taken place anywhere in the world recently. Even though I’m out of Colombo, I always wish I could have come there. Long live the struggle! May the Triple Gem bless my country! ❤️🇱🇰

– Thakshila Bandara