Never Again



I am a geek by nature, living in the world of superheroes, why? Because they are incorruptible and thus hated many a regime that slowly ate its way and spread to not just leaders but anything and everyone they touched. So I believe in the incorruptible ideal. It’s an idealistic view but it’s not impossible. I have always been vociferous against any regime that is corrupt and also have been guilty if “I told you sos” when my energy should have been focused on fighting for a solution. Dreamt of a country where institutions are independent and the law actually works, this seemed a distant dream only a couple of months ago, but this unprecedented unity has rekindled so much hope for me, an individual from a minority to an army from a majority. I wish I was a bigger part of this but a daily visit to GotaGoGama is now a norm to support and at least participate in the collective voice. Thank you peaceful Sri Lankans for this hope after tough years behind I believe we will rise as one nation! It’s time the people finally realized how powerful we are….. together.