May Justice Prevail & May the Wise Generation Rise Up To Rebuild Sri Lanka For the Future Generations


Sri Lanka is my home away from home people dear to my heart is there and most of all Sri Lanka is the country I was born in and is proud to be a Sri Lankan in heart no matter where I live. Its sadening and is sickning me to my core to see the destruction that the Rajapakshas has caused to all the people living in Sri Lanka by stealing all the public funds they could to allow their lavish lifestyles. While their children grandchildren live comfortably the children of Sri Lanka suffer with no milk no food no medicine . Despite all this these Rajapakshas still dont give a damn just trying to hold on to the power knowing that if they give up they will end up in a worse place than dogs on the street. However time has come for justice to prevail. Now its the time for all Rajapakshas to reep the benefits of their ugly deeds and the benefits will surely not be beautiful. #gohomegota #gohomerajapakshas . To each and every strong wonderful people of Sri Lanka fighting against injustice may your fight end in victory. Never ever give up when the going gets tough the tough gets going and that is what I exactly see from each one of you. Take Care Stay Safe Continuing to be smart strategical and then you all are sure to win the battle.