GoGotagama is the module of the Sri Lanka we dreamt of.

Hasara Wadumesthrige


Finally I was able to join the #Gallface protest on the third day and I couldnt be more proud of Sri Lankans than yesterday.

#GoGotagama is not just a mere protest location, it’s a small module of the future Sri Lanka we dream to build.

Here are few reasons why;

1.There are no big people or any political party to lead things, people just volunteer do things such as making Kottamalli, distribute food and water and clean the place etc.

2. Even after three days, the entire place is super clean and people are cleaning the place continuesly and no one is throwing litter and here and there like morons.

3. Most of the crowd who has joined the protest is the descent crowd and from the looks of it those people still could afford the current situation but they are there with pure intentions for the country and for the people who are actually struggling.

4. It was raining heavily yesterday and no one didnt make a single move, they kept protesting and singing.

5. People have donated food and water and I didnt see no one is wasting food. Everything is properly organized and people are well disciplined.

6. I didnt see a single guy checking out girls and making big scenes. Everyone has come with a purpose and their focus is to change the country, not to flirt.

7. The spirit in people is filling the entire place and no one is worried about their religion rather everyone is considered as a one big family.

8. Religious leaders from all religions were in the premises to support the people.

9. Some people were carrying placards to thank the people who joined the protest.

So I urge everyone to join the protest whenever possible, bring supplies and see the difference common people are making without support from political parties.

I believe a real system change we were talking for decades is happening for real.

Let’s make the system change without the support of shitty politicians.

අරගලයට ජය❤