Without Ruining our Future, Plz go home gota.

Virula Deesara

I’m a teen of 14 & I’m so dissapointed how the country is going. We won’t have a Future. Sri Lanka will be a Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina Soon. Everything is so stupid. People are always talking about culture & traditions. But everyone is stealing, murdering, corrupting by being covered by Saying Protect the Culture. Is this the Culture? Huh? Gota, You & Ur F$cking Brothers ruined our everything. May be U & Mahinda Stopped the war. You saved us from Covid. But WTF did you guys do with the Economy?. We can’t make our dreams true. I wanna be a EDM producer. But that equipments cost Rs.360000 basically. It’s as thrice of my Dad’s Salary. He’s an Army Officer too. A Major who served for 23 years. He’s being a Major for 13yrs. Still he’s not promoting. Every Honest Goverment Workers do not promote. But Corrupted workers get Promoted in every Year. Why all this police & Three forces doing this to us. My dad was being in a Army Bus for 5 constants days in Mirihana & Near Galleface to save Gota. Now this sinner leader gonna but Narcotics in tents & Catch the Celebrities & Active Workers in this. Why is this? Even a dog moves when we tell them to go. Is ur mental situation is less than a dog? We know that we can’t solve anything by sending u home. U have to give Power of country to the Youth. They’ve got ideas. They Love country. We r sending u home to get Sajith, Anura, Ranil or Mathri. U all r same. Plz go home without ruining our lives anymore. We beg u. Without being Sinhala, Tamil, Moors, Burghers let’s be Sri Lankans. We all have the Same Blood. Let’s unite from Jaffna to Galle. My parents don’t let me to protests. Even My friend’s parents. But We r always w u. Good Luck! Victory to Campaign