Why Rajapaksa’s use Mattala International Airport (MRIA) to uplift all unidentified airfreights instead of BIA?

Amila Madushani


Considering to the all useless constructions done by Rajapaksa Regime during 2010-2015 MRIA took place a high priority after Lotus Tower, Which is spread 800acres wasting Rs.26.7Bil. Also Rs. 26.7bil is not their father’s mother’s property; it’s all our hard earning money.

According to my point of view we don’t need another airport in an isolated and wildlife area like Hambantota. As a result of their long term plan to protect the throne and continue the corruption they misuse “Freedom of the sky” too.

What is the Freedom of Sky?

The freedom of the air is a 09 set of commercial aviation rights granting a country’s airlines the privilege to welcome and land in other countries air space. This was formulated in 1944, known as “Chicago Convention”. Out of 09 most of the countries following the 05th Freedom.

(To get an idea related 09 freedoms please refer the image 01)

In 2013 government had planned to have an open skies policy in MRIA only for a limited period then they extended it. It gave chance to operate all carriers (including national carrier) to operate freely at Mattala Int. Airport.

Bring it narrower meanwhile MRIA enjoying all nine freedoms of the air. In other term “Open Sky” including bilateral agreements.

Furthermore, as a result of misusing the open sky B747-200 freighter (EX-47001) operated by Aerostan (based in Manas, Kyrgystan) left Hambantota airport on 31st March, 2022 to unknown destination. (Refer image-2) and Srilankan airlines operated three (03) consecutive cargo flights (each flight: 3387miles / 06hrs 54min flying hours / 5452km) to Entebbe in Uganda on 23rd February, 2021 (Refer image 03)

What they exactly uplifted more than 100tons to Uganda?

Visualize during past few years how they fool people with all their narrative stories highlighting racism.

This is the right time to rise as a nation and fight against corruption and nepotism.

#GoHomeGota2022 #EconomicCrisisLK #GiveUsOurStolenMoneyBack

PS: image sources- FlightRedar24, Twitter, Google