Unity is Diversity


Okay so this is just my opinion about the current situation. Some they upload statuses saying united, humanity and etc. But I don’t cuz, there’s nothing to say additionally, I was already united with my fellow mates and the social circles because I had a brain to understand the political game behind all the separations, how hard the politicians do their maximum to create problems and stuff between the ppl of different religions. Some were brainwashed and what not! The only thing our Sri Lankans need to do is open your eyes wide 👁️👁️ and see the reality, don’t remain to be blind, don’t think about what other people think, just respect each other, accept each other’s changes, share and care each other, don’t have any negative thoughts in mind about the people from other religions.. Just forget that they are different. Think them as one of us. All of us are Humans. Keep in mind, Beauty is unity in diversity. Do yourl need an extra brain or knowledge to get this? To understand this? The blame to be put on is not only on politicians, it is also the mindset you people possess. It is the lacking of knowledge and understanding. In future too, there may be more problems, they’ll try new things in controlling the social unrest right now, they’ll even include the religions in it, but please don’t use the same theories and opinions u guys had before. Nothing will work by attacking each other but the ppl who does it will enjoy behind the scene. When there’s a problem, try to communicate and try to find out what caused the problem and what actually has happened before becoming keyboard heroes. Together we can win this.. Together we can save the motherland..Let’s fight for our future! Do not stop it! We can do this 💪

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