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Lalith Kotelawala reveals about Rajapaksas ….

I had 450 companies. There were 45,000 employees. There were 15 foreign offices. I’m not a thief.

Golden Key had $ 13 billion in depositors. Our Ceylinco was able to solve that problem. We had a plan to pay this 13 billion in three and a half years. We gave it to the court. We started paying. Millions of local checks brought to court. It is not the fault of the depositors, it is not our fault …..

A gang of former presidents..they saw the assets of the Ceylinco Group ..
We had billions and I was imprisoned for taking them unjustly and greedily ..
They (Rajapaksas) told me that I would be imprisoned for my physical protection ..
When I was in prison I had billions in assets in my finance companies …
My shares were taken over …..

I was not paid a cent … it was a robbery …

Seylan Bank was taken over. Attorney General Mohan Peiris … he imprisoned me and took over my chairmanship and got paid for it …

He is the one who decided the cases in my Supreme Court …

My hotel called Hyatt Regency was taken over by Basil Rajapaksa and the former President while I was in jail … I was not paid a single penny .. it is worth around 10 billion ..

Out of this 10 billion FNG depositors and Golden Key depositors had to pay all the depositors who demanded money … this is a complete robbery …

There is more than that..there is the Fingara Club … Home Building Housing Project. Even more than the silico mansion my father gave me..I took it completely..this is a wonderful thing …

According to the decisions of Mohan Peiris, my hand was tied ..

(The Rajapaksas joined the millionaires of Asia by sucking not only the public money of the country but also the money of the people … Even if this bitter truth is not accepted by the deaf followers, nature will punish them properly.)