Freedom of speech

Crimson Rain Sought Flower

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis in history. People are dying in hunger waiting in fuel queues. Prices of food is unbearable for so many citizens. Power cuts through out the day, affecting everyone working in every field. Hospitals has run out of medicines.

People started to protest against the corruption of the current government whose activity brought country to this current state. People suffered enough and finally decided to express themselves in non violent protests around the country.

People has right to freedom of speech after going through what they had to go through past few months and the future is very unclear. But the President for several times tried to shut them down. First he ordered to attack people with tear gas using police, second he used military on roads. third he sent special forces motor bikes without number plates making an unrest around protesters where police had to chase the bikers away from the civilians. Fourth he set signal jammers in a location where protesters were gathering, to avoid live streaming of protests which might caught international attention. Fifth prime minister suddenly addressed the nation to remind protesters of 80’s dangerous massacre which happened with people protesting. Whatever he tried to mean by that. This government has taken not one but so many steps to shut the people, Where does human rights lie for Sri Lankans, where does protection lies for Sri Lankans, when government call on police, army and special forces to control the people in this country, people who has suffered enough, these people are not from any extremist group. Who will protect Sri Lankans at this rate, if one family uses tri-forces against innocent and suffered civilians. Where does law lies… Can any human in power just act in this manner. I am asking where did Freedom of speech go for Sri Lankans. If police and army is to solely under this kind of president’s command, which police should protect the civilians.