Don’t give up… We are with you all

Ruwangi Fernando


My mother land #srilanka is in danger. We never faced such an economical crisis since our independence in 1948. A county with enormous natural gifts and talents facing the current crisis due to corrupted politicians. Including the president, all the parliament 225 needs to go home.

ANYONE is better than these jokers. These fellows are outright unapologetic swindlers and thieves. Every decision they made was to benefit their business. Every tax or tax cut, import restriction etc. was to benefit them (close family and friend gossip). And this was going on for years! Like an octopus they have their tentacles in random industries under different names. It’s nuts. And these are not even considering the investments they have abroad- hotels, apartments and multiple houses in the most expensive states. They got too greedy and tried to drain the country too fast. And covid kind of screwed them over. It’s about time they left. Just think about it, Sri Lanka isn’t their home. It’s their business/income stream.

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