Don’t drunk and come


Today we came to the protest and we stayed there till 5 a.m all was so great every one was super energetic and the environment there was so safe and peaceful but I noted one thing there so many people comes there drunk some of them don’t even know what is the purpose of this event some times they gets so annoying even we came here for one reason but all goes away when these crazy people ruin the spirit of the protest. So be responsible this is not a place to just come and spend the night this is the place we are going to change our country this will be a historical place so be responsible think why are we fighting for think about others who came here to give you a better future this is the only chanse so please don’t let that go at least think about your self think about your future.
And for the last thankyou for the people whos dedicated to supply food, refreshments, first aids etc you guys showed us that good people still do exists in sri lanka hats off for your dedication guys.
අරගලයට ජය!!!