A youth that was taken for granted



To the leader that destroy our FUTURE ,

In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies a beautiful nation. A nation with great pride, a nation that fought for its liberty. A nation that has a rich history. A nation rich with resources.
This lioness is non other than our mother land: Sri Lanka.

Sadly, in the 21st century – A nation that is in the hands of rogues.

The beautiful country and its people were taken for granted for years. The fighters who fought great battles were brought shape by the generations followed afterwards. People blindly believe what the so called leaders of the country uttered. The war, all the divisions among religions and nations were created by the politicians for their favor. Not for a moment we stopped to think if this is what we really are. We all have friends who are Hindu, Muslim, Burger and Malay. Did we stop to think of we normal people will ever create issues among nationalities ? No and never.

It is the selfishness of the politicians that lead to such extreme situations.

Years later here we are, reaping the consequences of blind following. Youth is pressurized without a rightful income, we struggle without being able to go for our dreams, while the so called privileged ; the politicians, their families and extended families enjoy the luxuries with the looted money : mine and your hard earn money.

Why should we leave our birth country and go to an unknown land ? Is to work in a fuel station ? A chicken shop ? In a Mc Donald’s ? To be a sales assistant?
Well the majority who leaves the country do an odd job in a foreign land, all thanks to the selfish politicians.

People don’t leave a country because they want to, you suck the blood of the youth and throw the bone away.

We need a change, we need our country , we need our opportunities, we need to materialize our dreams on this very soil.

Enough is enough !!!!

You robbed our ancestors
Our parents
And half of our years !!!

Not anymore !!!

Leave for the sake of the life of children like your own – who you don’t think twice to kill …

Leave …

Let someone one potential rebuild our nation.

We want to live
We want to earn in our mother land
We want to serve our mother Land for it’s the most beautiful nation of all I have ever seen…

With love ,
A child of another parent but who has the same desires like your own kids