Your presence matters!

Aqeel Sirraj

“You go to protests for fun right?”

“What difference are you going to make?”

“Your presence doesn’t even matter”

Those were some of the questions and comments that I got from some of my “friends”.

I’m blessed with parents who can still provide me food, shelter and comfort without any issue even during this economical crisis. I literally have nothing to worry about except for the annoying power cuts. And yet, I always try to take part in these protests because I care about the country and people. There are people out there dying and suffering everday due to this crisis and I think this is the least I can do as a student/youngster. Imagine if everyone started thinking like “mY pReseNCE wOn’t mAkE a diFFereNCe”, there will be no one on the roads right now. So please, if you can’t take part in those, just shut your ass up and stay out of it. Resist from giving your ignorant selfish comments. Resist from mocking or making fun of it. Meanwhile, I ask those who are somewhat privileged like me to take part in these. It does a make a huge difference. Your presence does matter.


#GoHomeGota2022 #අරගලයටජය