We’re not here to take part, We’re here to reclaim what’s ours

The Revolution of the New-Generation.
There is a deep meaning to what my topic is about. We are here to take back what’s ours. We will break the curse of my peers who I believe let to this devastated state which my country is in right now.
As an undergraduate, photographer, blog writer and a freelancer I too have a part in this to save my country from these corrupt politicians. As Sanga said “Sri Lanka is its people” and the sons and daughters are finally awake. Reborn from the ashes of our ancestors to reclaim our motherland.
Proud sons and daughters of my country are protesting in gall face. I too will join them in battle for victory. Until that day my sole purpose is to continue this new energy in my area Ratnapura. I believe Ratnapura is the wealthiest yet the most ignorant city in Sri Lanka. Unless the New-Generation step up to stand against the corrupt, our senior citizens still believe in politicians and these politicians haven’t done anything to this beautiful city.
The first protests I been to were filled with young enthusiastic youth who were yelling their throats off to be heard miles on end. They were my batch mates, colleagues though no role-model came to inspire us. We were our own role-models that day. Inspired by the individual who was standing beside us that we knew nothing. Clothes drenched in sweat, voices echoing through the laughter we took over the city as our brothers and sisters across my beautiful nation cleansing my country inch by inch.
Let your inner creativity run wild, let the new generation protest as how they see fit thus we can influence someone at least one person to join the cause. Every citizen has a responsibility to raise their voices to be heard, to carry the weight of this struggle so that the un-born children will be free from this curse. Let’s make this moment count and say #GoHomeGota as Loud as we can.

Pawantha Tennekoon