United under ONE FLAG 🇱🇰

Charunya Kulatilake


I can still remember the most horrifying day in my entire 27 years old life; Sunday,the 21st April 2019, aka : The political mass murder of innocent people who were celebrating the Easter Sunday. The aftermath was as equally horrifying as the day itself.

I was working at one of the biggest financing company at that time and was studying for my LLB and i had both muslim and non muslim (Sinhalese,Tamil, Christian and Catholic) friends both at Uni and at work. Since I’m used to have a multi cultural circle of friends, this incident made me sad and frustrating.

I saw how most of my colleagues at work turned their back at my muslim friends. Saw them looking at them in suspicious eyes, refusing to eat their food fearing that they are feeding us food with වද පෙති and even scared to sit beside them.

One of my muslim lecturer, who happens to be one of the best and the most understanding lecturer ever, told me with teary eyes how she was mistreated by her own friends during that time.

After this politically funded terrorized act, the so-called colleagues at work started looking at me with weird faces just because I kept on having my lunch with my muslim friends and sharing food with them. I got criticized from my colleagues at work for having a mehendi art on my hands drawn by one of my friend at work.

Also, I am still ashamed to say that I had a huge fight with one of my closest friend whose a muslim because of a misunderstanding happed after 21st April 2019 (but we are all good now)

After 3 years, finally I was able to witness the unity we all have despite the fact of divided by race, religion and language. No religion is as bad as they say. Afterall we all are humans. I still have amazing hijabis around me ❤️ a nana whom i can vent on ❤️ some thangachchis, lechchamis and thambis to have some good chats ❤️ catholics and christians to have some good laugh ❤️ and alot of Sinhalese friends who always looked after me and who i can always run to whenever I feel like I’m lost ❤️

Rajapakses, you divided us. You won your political propogandas by dividing us. That was your weapon. But not anymore.