United as one



I’m writing this with so much rage and grief as a juvenile who lives in Sri Lanka. I’m ashamed how these so called seniors are ruling my country.

LKR as the world’s worst performing currency, people who gets daily wages can’t even afford a milk packet as if it is like gold, daily power cuts. And politicians who should represent people are plotting against the people to kill and harm them.

Where is this country leading???

If you still think stepping out and protesting against these bandits are a waste of time. My dear, I guess you still have not understood the gravity where this country is leading.

You are still not late. Get on to the streets, show your support. Don’t let these stupid idiots ruin our country!
#IStandForMyCountry #GoHomeGota plus the 225 can go too!!!!

Together we can make a difference. Stand up in your own little way.