To the youth of the protest ground .. with love

An anonymous supporter

I am truly grateful for all the selfless youth who are out there at the peaceful protest. This is now taking the occupy Wall-street of NYC or Occupy Central of HK vibes. I have read about the former and seen the later. Utopian dreams of youth. You are a generation that has shown they can be selfless and can work towards a goal, contrary to what the world thought you to be.
The common obstacles that we are all trying to overcome has its support, in the people whose world views are narrow due to different reasons. There are some, who simply has had no chance to develop those views, beyond that is shown to them by their overlords, lets have pity on them. Then there are the ones who deliberately decide to ignore the truth and work for the rulers for reasons that are known only to them, lets be fully aware and vary of them. Be very very wary of them. They are there amidst you, on your social media profiles and among your own friends and family…
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring to you, out there in the rain or to me typing this in the relative comfort of my living room. Your dream and my wish may or may not come true. However, what you have done so far is magical, for a country divided by ethnicity and religion, you brought unity, you have already shown the strength of unity. Hope you will use your time there to develop your world views to be broader and more vibrant. To form networks that will transcend the walls of the so called social norms.
All the best to all of you,
Proud of you to the core
From a well wishing old timer