A big sister


It is extremely sad for me to see soo many young entrepreneurs closing down their ever wanted businesses just because of an absurd tax impose. I have seen my very own mother, a single mum working her gut off to keep her company going on so she could feed my sister and I, but after facing soo much of obstacles and hardships it has come to almost an end of a very long journey of pure blood, sweat and tears. I dont want any child to see the pain I see in my mothers eyes, so she could just find a way to give us a better future.

I heavy heartedly request the government to resign and give all these innocent souls their peace back, give them a life to be happy about and not a life to worry about. We deserve much more than shouting our hearts off at your doorstep, we deserve nothing but justice- To all the men, women, girls and boys living in Ceylon at the moment. Let the youngsters build their own future, help them rather than taking it away, thats what real leaders do!

Give us what we deserve! Give us justice!