Save Sri Lanka from heavily corrupted Rajapaksha family ruling


First of all I have to respect from all my heart for the honorable Sri Lankan people who conduct the protest ( Gota Go Home 2022 ) regarding request the resignation of Sri Lanka president Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksha, due to the massive failure during the time of presidency ( Unable to fulfill the basic requirements of the sri lankan citizens).

The reason for that is Mr. Gotabaya Appointed his family members to the most powerful positions in Sri Lanka politics to achieve their own personal goals ( Instead of providing the basic requirements for the citizens as well as voted people).

Mr. Gotabaya Was unable to make the right decisions in right time because of the corrupted Rajapaksha family influence and his failure.

Mr. Gotabaya does not have faith on Sri Lankan people. He only work to achieve his personal agenda ( To become wealth by himself and his Rajapaksha family from corruption).

Due to his behavior, the people in Sri Lanka started to protest to save this country from bankrupt and poor.

The more people stay patient, Rajapaksha family tries to destroy the Sri Lankan lives by telling lies and stealing from foreign funds and deposit to their own future.

This is why the people in Sri Lanka started to protest ( Gota Go Home 2022 ) request new leadership without corruption to Sri Lanka now on.

Victory for the people protest ( Gota Go Home 2022 ) 🙏

Victory for the mother Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 🙏