Our future

A concerned 21 year old

It is unbelievable how life changed drastically over such a small number of months with the new government coming in to power. I study online, I have to rewatch every session at night due to power cuts. Both my parents work so it’s up to me to stand in a queue and get our gas cylinder for if not my mother has to wake up an hour early to cook using the Dara lipa. Our future in Sri Lanka isn’t certain as employment levels have decreased with the new laws.
What is this extra stress we didn’t ask for
The rajapakas aren’t feeling the same. It’s always us who should go through whatever scam and suffer from later consequences.
It’s our money. We deserve a better life. Our parents earned enough for a better life.
Arrest rajabullshits and give our money back
You and everyone living off of our money will all be cursed for life.
Watch yourselves for your ends are very near.