Isuru Fonseka

Is there any possibility to add a new area (tab) to this site regarding wealth of each and every parliament member and lawsuits against them. I’m sure that there will be lot of young people who are capable of finding such information in the internet. They can take lead on this and gather that information to one Place. I believe this is essential now in order to focus the people to the common Aim of changing our Future to a better One. Further I hope this addition will serve Sanna’s tag line.

ලොකු හොරුත් එපා
පොඩි හොරුත් එපා
වෙස්මුහුණුත් එපා
අපි පුරවැසියෝ

We have come together to this situation based on lack of supply in temporary needs. But Now we are about to achieve something greater. A better future..! A Change in the System…! Therefore Please don’t let this aim go away.