Give Stolen money rajapakse culprits


Our generations have seen how your family induced racism amongst the citizens and societies and used thar time to steal the money from diffrent development projects and hard working business people got by force also by selling our land part by part. Never forget the time you cremate muslims who died in Covid times even though the whole world allow to burry. You Rajapaksa family and your political party members played the game well. But finally our people curse become answerable by the lord. Its all of you suffer now. I can remember the news that you forcefully cremated the 40 days old new born child of muslim parents, it’s time to pay back for their every tears. Finally I would like to say that there is no more place I this would and you guys are going to suffer alot. 😢. I love my county, I love my people and I pray for this country’s to bring back harmony and peaceful life for every citizen. 🙏. We will work hard to kick out these Rajapakse narsicitics and select a good leader.