For a better Sri Lanka ❤



This is a great initiative and kudos to everyone who are involved.
As country what i belive is we need to implement standard operation procedures on how government bodies are being governed. For and example, if we take the corporate sector, a ceo of a company can do a value addition to that organisation but he/she can not change the vision and the mission of the company. A CEO is there to add values and also to govern the company with the purpose of delivering benefits for shareholders and all stakeholders of the company and motive of the company is driven by the purpose, vision and mission of the company.
As a country, we have always driven by based on what is best for the governing party and also the governer which is the president. It is high time to create a proper constitution which will elaborate the best interest of sri lankans and the president should be accountable for the value additions which he is promising during the election period.
Lets rebuild this great nation by assuring proper law and order for sri lankans and good governing practices.
අරගලයට ඡය. For a better Sri Lanka.