Mansoor Asgerally

Yes , we have awakened after 74 long years.
Its not going to be easy to forget the past 4 decades where we all lived with fear and horror have gone through much sorrow and hurt with the loss of a million lives.
The majority of our Island follow the Buddha dhamma which teaches to follow AHIMSA. (Avoidance of violence) Our selfish politicians used this as the tool to mislead and subdued the majority to keep silent no matter what. The docile majority were abused into ethnic conflict.
The 30 year old war was also a political drama involving the geopolitical players of the ONE WORLD ORDER conspiracy eagerly interested in the strategic placement of our beautiful heaven (Srilanka).

So all in all we became the areacanut between the areacanut cutter.

Now it is time if the present generation, who have achieved 90 % literacy, can forgive and forget the past like a dreadful dream and move forward to bring back the sanity that prevailed during the pre independence era.
True we have to strive very hard to bring the culprits to the books of accountability but apart from vengeance and hatred our youngsters should waste no time but concentrate more quickly to find solutions to the problem that the older generation created. We, the older generation are also responsible for not engaging the mess that our politicians created, we were very consciously complacent. Now it’s our duty to atleast encourage our children to actively take part in salvaging this most beautiful Isle.
It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be a sprint (like one of protester energetically mentioned) it’s going to be MARATHON. But with loads of sacrifice ; maybe even with some more lives, we will have to sustain the present struggle and turn it into a revolution if we have to but bring an end to this rule of anarchy. Jayawewa Srilanka Ma’atha.